Sunday, January 8, 2012

HUMAN LIFE GOA joined the Rally "March for Life" to give their support to the church in this awesome task of reversing the trend of the culkture of death. Around 40 members, including me and my family, participated with banners and it was lovely to see mothers carrying babies with prolife messages on their T-shirts (see Pic).
We were strategically placed at the end of the procession with attractive banners and shouting slogans like "Life is God's Gift, Respect and Protect Life" and its Konkani translation. We reached Fatorda Church and had an eucharistic celebration before the students went to the hall for their programme. Most of our members stayed back to watch, but we had a long journey back to our home so we left after Mass.

Students participate in March for Life

The Diocesan Family Service Centre organized an impressive March for Life in the city here on Thursday 5 January 2012 on the theme “ Life is God’s Gift: Protect it”. The march got underway from the Holy Spirit Church Square before proceeding to Our Lady of Rosary Church, Fatorda.
Armed with banners and placards, hundreds of higher secondary students participated in the March aimed at creating awareness in the society on need to respect life.
Fr Clifford Castelino told newsmen that the objective behind the rally was to create awareness in the society that life if precious and there’s a need to protect it.
“ Life has a purpose. We cannot measure life in terms of productivity and economy. We have to respect life as a gift of God”, Fr Castelino said.