Sunday, April 10, 2011


In the stillness of the night
A whimper breaks out soft
The alert ear listens
And rushes to comfort

A glass falls; the cut is deep
A wail is all it takes
For that earnest soul
To hasten and soothe.

The night is long; the lesson drags
A yawn is stifled
That watchful eye has seen
The brewing mug is ready.

The day has come to bid goodbye
To greet another’s world
Those eyes once filled with love
Now fill with un-staved sorrow.

The tree grows; a gurgling smile
And soon there are fears
A patient hand, a loving hand
Arrives to cope with all.

A head grown white, shoulders drooping
Yet she is the strongest
Her ways are loving solace
She is, yes, a Mother.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marie Bellet's Biography

Marie grew up with five sisters and two brothers in a midwestern university town. Often heckled for defying the zero population pressures of the day, she grew up loving the "warmth and confusion" of life in a large family. The experience would come in handy.
Anxious to see a world beyond computers and cornfields, Marie left for Rice University in Houston, where she first got a taste for singing country music. She finished college with a degree in Economics from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. After earning an MBA at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Marie sang demos, including duets with Alan Jackson, jingles and back-up vocals on off-hours while working MBA jobs in the healthcare industry.
Marie married in 1987 and moved to Singapore and then Spain, returning four years later with three small children. As Marie's family continued to grow, she began writing songs about life as a housewife and mother in a world that "no longer values these roles." In 1997 she recorded a collection of these songs entitled "What I Wanted To Say." In 2000 she released her second collection entitled, "Ordinary Time" which focuses on the temptations of a culture which encourages women to "have it all." In 2003 Marie released her third collection of story songs and personal reflections entitled "Lighten Up", filled with upbeat reminders to forgive one another and learn how to love. "A New Springtime" was released in 2006 and coincides with the birth of her ninth child. Along with her husband Bill, a "psychologist with sense", who challenges families and couples to rise above themselves and serve each other, Marie offers a different vision of what it means to be a "fulfilled" woman.
"My witness is really just to show up with my kids at the grocery store. For me, that is where the culture war is fought, surrounded by glossy magazines that promise happiness if you shed pounds and obligations."
"My writing began mostly as an alternative to rearranging the furniture. It has become my way to encourage those who want to rebel against the self-centered misery of our time. To make sacrifices for marriage and children is not stupidity or victimization. It is the noblest thing we do."
Marie admits that life at home as a mother can be frustrating. In fact, that is what her music is about: the struggle and the value of that struggle -- "My music is about the drama of everyday life-staying in love, going through the days' routine, 'One more time, with feeling!' I want to tell other mothers that they are not crazy or alone. If my music can do that, it will all be worthwhile."

Marie's Music
A New Springtime
Often lighthearted, always thought provoking lyrics describe the details of our modern lives and enkindle hope in new beginnings. Outstanding Nashville musicians cradle Marie's voice in a light mixture of bluegrass, jazz and folk as she reminds us of our capacity to love. A New Springtime is dedicated to John Paul II and the new springtime he foretold.

Lighten Up
Are you burnt out on the busyness and self-importance of modern life? Then you need Lighten Up! With a playful hint of bluegrass, these story songs and radically honest reflections urge us to forgive and to see the humor, the beauty and the sacred in those who fill our everyday lives.

Ordinary Time
Ordinary Time tells the stories of ordinary people making their way in our fast and fabulous world. Twelve thought provoking songs encourage us to laugh at our attempts to have it all and remind us of the everyday drama and nobility of ordinary lives lived faithfully.

What I Wanted To Say
Drawing on her experience as a mother of eight, Marie's smooth voice and storytelling lyrics combine familiar detail and a gentle sense of humor to sing of the everyday life of a mother and wife striving for holiness in the modern world. Through her light acoustic style, she offers hope and encouragement to those willing to sacrifice for marriage and family.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Laws uphold the truth? Questionable. Time and time again, history has proven that laws alone do not uphold the truth. The recent news that pre-teen petting is to go legal is something every mature adult will agree that, like homosexuality, once made legal, will give immature and immoral people the license to create an environment that may not have existed before. Its like saying schizophrenia is OK just because it has been made legal.

The moot question is: why do teenagers indulge in such practices? One, perhaps, because parents cease to physically affirm them by a loving touch, a hug or just cuddling them like they instinctively did to them as kids. Second, their minds are experiencing emotional turmoil as the body matures physically and sensations they never felt before scares and excites them all at the same time.

This is the time when parents must educate and reassure their children about the facts, not an impersonal sex educator in school or an absurd law that does not foresee that such petting leads to sexual intercourse, which protected by unreliable contraception eventually leads to abortion, which, by the way, has already been made legal. It is a straight pathway to destruction and death. The moral downslide is inevitable. America is awakening to this bitter fact, are we to go their way before we too realize the pitfalls of passively aping them?

And whoever said that this has no repercussions on society? To say it is my business to have sex and that it does not affect anyone is utter rubbish. After every broken relationship, which uses sex as its pivot for survival, there is heartbreak and hatred. The partner rejected becomes bitter and may even give up on life altogether. Abortion is not a rosy dream as it has been portrayed. (I recently watched a testimony of a mother whose daughter had a botched abortion, went into a coma and is now bedridden for life. Not only was her life destroyed but the whole family lives a nightmare, wishing things had been done differently. And the abortionist still practices without fear.)

I think the statement Dr. N. Kamat made about social community counseling seems like a sound alternative, provided it is not another form of ‘safe sex’ drive. What our youngsters need is to learn how to be chaste before and after marriage. Safe sex only leads to promiscuity and infidelity.

The Catholic Church offers counseling to hurting marriages on the brink of separation or divorce and marriages that just need finishing touches to make them more fruitful are given guidance and counseling at Marriage Encounter Weekends, engaged couples are counseled through a programme called Engaged Encounter and follow-up is done on a regular basis. There is also an ongoing programme to train couples in Natural Family Planning conducted by the Couple to Couple League. These programmes are for all, irrespective of religion and individual counseling can also be availed of at the Family Centre in Panjim. Unfortunately, people do not avail of these programmes until things really spiral out of control and then too they will rather revel in self-pity and give up on their marriages than try to make things work.

Coming back to pre-teens, the family center needs to put into place its own sex education programme in schools covering areas like awareness of one’s body and how it must be taken care of by abstinence before marriage and chastity after in order to have proper respect for life.

Personally, I recall that, for lack of such sound teaching by my parents and being exposed to wrong education from the media and friends, my teen years did go awry. And I regret those episodes with all my heart. As a mother of a teenage son, I constantly talk to him about respect for life and chastity, and encourage him to educate his friends as well. As a parent, it is my duty and privilege to do this much for my child and the community we live in.

Can parents of teens pull up their socks and do the right thing for your child? Do we need a law to take away our rights and responsibilities as loving protectors of our children? Are we ourselves giving good example by our own fidelity and responsibility to our spouses and children? These are the questions that must be answered and acted upon. I rest my case.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

GOOD NEWS! Violet delivered a beautiful baby boy last Monday. She was in hospital with complications-placenta previa and finally they operated on Monday. But due to excessive bleeding, she had to lose the uterus, which was very upsetting for the family. This is their fifth child, a blessing and a miracle. The children are Esmee, Ethel, Euban, Evaly and now the son born will have beginning two letters EW in his name.Please pray for this unique family as Milagres the father is a prolife leader in Goa. HEis President of Artists for Life, Goa which is an affiliate of HLI International.