Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Youth need better models

This is in reference to the article entitled “Selena drops Promise Ring for Justin Bieber” (Goa’s Heartbeat, Tues 28 Dec). Firstly, I felt that it was a private matter that should not be made public by the paparazzi as it was.
Today youth need good role models. If adults in their world behave appropriately, I am certain that the youth will exemplify them. We see even parents indulging in wrong sexual behaviour. Peer pressure also adds to many teenagers experimenting, and then getting addicted to sex.
I am sure Selena’s parents had the best interests of their child when they upheld her as a ‘good example for other kids’.
Selena Gomez is a good role model for youth and I only hope she continues to be so. Chastity is a virtue seldom practiced by youth these days so it is refreshing to see a popular figure uphold this holy virtue voluntarily as she does. Offering chastity instead of contraception should be the societal norm.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Mel Gibson and the Cleverness of Satan: “It is the Reality”
June 27, 2010
St. Padre Pio was reported to have said when he got his first look at the television: “The devil will be in the living room.”
He is also manifestly a “live in” companion in the lives of many including some of our self- destructive celebrities.
How else to explain the recent behavior of our fallen brother in Christ, Mel Gibson?
Remember the time that preceded the release of The Passion of The Christ? The main stream media and other critics maligned the very thought of it along with its producer, Mel Gibson. After the release of the film the attacks continued to escalate. I remember at the time thinking how strong Mel Gibson stood in the face of all of this. At the height of the attacks I recall feeling the gratitude toward Mel that a mother would feel toward a courageous fireman who had run into a burning building and carried her child, her precious treasure, to safety. Mel has successfully done this with the greatest of treasures. After years and years of heinous blasphemy against our Lord and our Faith repeatedly played out across the Big Screen, there was Mel lending all of his God-given talents to set the record straight. Mel Gibson had truly gone into the burning building of Hollywood and carried “Truth” Himself through the ruinous and diabolical flames.
I was saddened and taken aback when, in a drunken rage, Mel spewed venomous anti-Semitic remarks to a policeman. This sadness and shock was compounded further when he left his wife and 7 children.
For those that understand the battle between Good and Evil, clearly, Mel Gibson is battling demons.
The Passion of The Christ was a work of grace. It had a transcendent quality that lent it a raw power to spark belief in an age of unbelief. It is indeed hard to think of any other work of such singular artistry in our time that bore as much fruit as this seminal masterpiece of our beloved Lord’s final hours on earth.
One website alone had over 27,000 stories of personal testimonials and conversions from Jews, Muslims, and non-Catholic Christians. This was a drop in the bucket in comparison to the millions who felt the grace after watching the film.
After hearing from so many family members of those in prisons, Mel honored the request to take this tool of healing into the prison system. Again, more tears of conversion and spiritual awakening flowed. The Passion of The Christ touched and transformed the hearts of hardened criminals by the thousands when Mel subsequently donated a copy of the DVD to prisons across the country.
At the same time, Mel honored a request to have the film taken over to Sr. Lucia of Fatima. After viewing this, Sr. Lucia, then in her late 80’s said, “It is the reality”.
This statement was never made public until this column.
All of this bore a cost, however.
It put a bulls eye on Mel Gibson’s chest and demonic sharp shooters have been taking deadly aim ever since. One might imagine that Gibson’s own soul would be a prized asset on a diabolical balance sheet.
In his new book, Exorcism and the Church Militant, HLI president Fr. Tom Euteneuer refers to the work of saving souls as involving “hand to hand combat with the devil himself.” He distinguishes carefully between souls who are “oppressed” by demonic spirits which is not uncommon and souls who are “possessed” by one or more demons which, he says, is most uncommon. It is the design of the devil to seek to destroy in hate what God has created in love. His work is often to simply suggest a course of action and let man’s fallen nature take it from there. Exorcists say Satan frequently takes up residence in emotionally unbalanced souls and hides knowing it is most difficult to discern where disorder ends and oppression begins.
Mel Gibson has not always been sparing of the Roman Catholic Church. And his behavior in recent years is clearly indefensible. But he is a brother in Christ who answered “yes” to God’s call to make this powerful film. At the time he “risked everything for the Gospel.”
I recall him once saying: “If you are going to defend the cross, get ready to carry a piece of it.”
He has carried a piece of the cross. He has stumbled and fallen. He, no doubt is suffocating in depression and confusion. (Satan’s powerful tool s used to demoralize us all). Today, I ask your prayers and spiritual assistance in carrying him out of Satan’s burning building of despair which seeks to destroy and own him.
Contemplate the cleverness of Satan. Who could have imagined 50 years ago that he would have found his way into 98% of the bedrooms of married couples with their willing cooperation through contraception? Who could have imagined that full term babies being slaughtered just moments before birth would be called “an act of privacy” for women in the year 2010? Who could have imagined the propaganda in the media today telling parents they would be happier without children? Or with only 2 children? Who would have thought it possible for an entire generation to be raised ignorant of the Truth of God and now as adults stand impotent to defend It?
Answer: The same Evil One who seeks to find each of our individual weaknesses (depression, loneliness, anger, marital discord, or human pride) to move us to a place of torment where the world now sees Mel Gibson standing.
It is only by calling upon the tools we are given in sacramental grace and prayer that we are able to get up when we fall, repent, and continue to follow Christ in all of our human weakness. This, my friends, is what we are called through the Gospels “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).
In the words of Sr. Lucia: “It is the Reality”.

Jenn Giroux, RN Jenn Giroux is a Registered Nurse and the new Executive Director of HLI America, a new program of Human Life International founded to educate on the physical, emotional, and spiritual harms of contraception and to highlight the beauty of having children. She and her husband, Dan, have nine children and live in Cincinnati.
Poll shows that on 50th anniversary of the Pill, most women unaware of health risks associated with its use
December 3, 2010 (TheDailyCaller)
On the fiftieth anniversary of the birth control pill, Human Life International America (HLI America) released a poll which shows that most American women are unaware of the health risks associated with the use of hormonal contraceptives.
“The Pill” has been one of the most commonly used means of birth control since the 1960s but, as HLI America’s report demonstrates, it has also been a source of contention as it has been linked to an increase in the risk of breast cancer.
Jenn Giroux, the executive director of HLI America, said her group commissioned the poll in order to gauge how many women and girls knew of the pill’s risks.
“[I have] concern about this from a women’s perspective,” Giroux said. “A lot of mothers I know share with me and are concerned about their daughters having cramps and follow the advice of their doctors to put their young daughters on the birth control pill, not realizing that any young woman on the pill for four years, before their first full term baby, increase their breast cancer risk 52 percent.”
According to the poll, conducted by the polling company™, inc./Women’s Trend, of “the Pill’s” side effects, only 19 percent of respondents said they had been warned about the increased risk of breast cancer. Forty-nine percent said they were warned of weight gain, 23 percent of headaches, and 40 percent were told of blood clots and the risk of stroke.
“It’s long been known that estrogen/progestogen combination drugs such as the pill does cause breast cancer. In fact, in 2005 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, put it as a Group I carcinogen,” said Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, breast cancer surgeon and co-director of Sanofi Aventis Breast Cancer Center Steeplechase Cancer Center.
The majority of women (53 percent) who take or have taken the Pill began at the age of 18 or younger. Fewer than 20 percent of women had never taken the Pill. 60 percent said that they began taking the Pill in order to prevent pregnancy and more than 66 percent said that is the reason they continue to take it. Regulation of menstruation cycle was the second most popular answer to why they began (21 percent) and continue to take (19 percent) the Pill.
“It is clear through these data that women believe it is a positive thing,” Kellyanne Conway, the president and CEO of the polling company™, inc./Women’s Trend. “But it is also clear in this data that they lack fundamental knowledge about the liabilities and the health risks associated with sustained use of the Pill by some of its users.”
“It is time for an awareness campaign for young women and their health and we have to connect the dots,” said Giroux. “Government institutions like the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institutes issues warnings and restrictions all the time on things like cigarettes…but what about issuing these warnings to young women who are taking these hormones and putting themselves at risk for cancer?”
Read more:
Women….where are your children”
With the release of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, the past few days we have seen the analysis of women who are having (and not having) children. According to Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, the highest group of women on track for loneliness in their twilight years due to ‘childlessness’ are White women (20%). Not too far behind comes Black and Hispanic women (17%) followed closely by Asian women (16%).
I have to take note at the presentation of these facts. D’Vera Cohn, one of the co-authors of the report echos the verbiage that women have heard over the past 50 years that have led them down the path of barrenness. She states that “education seems to be a factor in a woman’s choice to be a mother. The more educated women are, the higher the childless rate is”. This comment is completely contradicted by some of the results which report that the ‘childlessness’ rate has decreased for women with advanced degrees from 31% in 1994 to 24% in 2008.
Unfortunately, what you do not see in this study is an analysis of the “post contraceptive regret” that is prevalent among all ethnic groups of women.
How do I know this?
First hand testimony and Nursing experience.
Ask any mom of a large family and she will tell you that women often approach us in public when they see our many children and express sadness and remorse or tell (a perfect stranger) why it is that she wanted to have more children “but……….”
Over the years as a Registered Nurse, I experienced a steady pattern of women who shared their gut-wrenching stories of pain and sadness from their choice at a young age to not have children.
Some were sterilized even before having even one child.
I also witnessed Nursing homes where older women, sit staring with a far away blank look on their faces while rocking a baby doll for consolation. These Nursing homes and Retirement centers are now prisons of loneliness. The inmates go day after day and week after week with no children or grandchildren to visit them. They live a self imposed life sentence with the burning regret over the children they willingly prevented or aborted.
When I was a child we lived 5 doors from St. Margaret of Cortona church. I recall how often we would walk down the street during Lent to frequently attend the Stations of the Cross. It is not until recently that I have been able to fully grasp what was meant by Our Lord as he met the women of Jerusalem on the way to the Cross:
“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, “Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed!”
That is exactly what the media is saying to us when we are told, “Women have more options than in the past to build strong careers and to exercise the choice not to have children”. More words of wisdom from D’Vara Cohn.
Unfortunately, the current numbers on ‘childlessness’ account for those who bought into the myth that contraception and abortion would liberate them for an awesome career in a ‘man’s world’. It’s time to ask them if giving up motherhood was well worth the fulfillment they were promised. It is in their honest and tearful responses that we will find the answer to our question: “Women,…..where are your children?”.
In the silence of their hearts, women are indeed weeping.